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New website heralds re-jigged TSPA

The Technical Service Providers Association (TSPA) of South Africa has unveiled its new website,, following a comprehensive branding exercise culminating in a relaunch of the TSPA.

On the eve of the relaunch, the association stated that one of its primary functions remained to liaise as a collective entity and strategic partner with the South African Revenue Service (Sars) - specifically Customs and Excise - and the various other government agencies that play a pivotal role within the international trade environment.

In addition, it strives to participate and contribute to the various stakeholder engagements across the private and public sector and to promote and highlight the critical role that technology plays within the international supply chain and logistics environment.

The TSPA furthermore emphasised that the members collaborate on non-competitive issues in the interests of international trade development and in particular trade digitalisation in the region.

The association’s founding members - whom are suppliers of software and services to entities operating in the international trade, freight forwarding, customs brokerage as well as global supply chain and logistics sectors - have since expressed their vote of confidence in the revitalisation of the TSPA which was originally founded in 2013.

“ACS is proud to be part of a joint venture in assisting the industry move forward through quality collaboration and transparency,” said Darryl Greeff, director of Advanced Customs Solutions.

Brian Mulligan, managing member for Cargo Application Service Providers Net, better known as Caspnet, concurred, saying:

“Caspnet is proud to be a member of the TSPA and trusts in the collaboration of its members to address pertinent issues in a changing environment. The TSPA will continue to make a huge difference in serving commerce and industry to the benefit of all participants.”

Easy Clear general manager Michael Henning added:

“The spirit of co-creation with Sars, embraced by the TSP, has never been more important, nor more positively embraced.”

Adding extra context, Louise Wiggett, founder and managing member of Global Trade Solution, said:

“Digitalisation is playing a vital role in trade and customs transformation globally. We are proud to be part of the TSPA as we continue to promote and highlight the critical role that technology plays within the international supply chain ,logistics and statutory landscape.”

JL Koekemoer, general manager of ShipShape, commented:

“As a founding member we welcome the revival of the association and look forward to working with our fellow members, government agencies and institutions on matters that affect the industry we service. With the rate of change affecting the world around us, there is no better way to make a positive impact than through collective and co-ordinated efforts.”

Perhaps Clive King, director of Jet Logistics, provided the most succinct summary of the TSPA’s objectives:

“Our aim is to exceed your expectations.”  

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