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The Technical Service Providers Association of South Africa


The Technical Service Providers Association of South Africa is a non-profit organisation whose members’ primary focus is to supply software and services to entities operating in the international trade, freight forwarding, customs brokerage and international supply chain and logistics business sectors. The main aim of the organisation is to create and collaborate in a public-private business network, collaborating on non-competitive issues, in the interest of the South African economy and international trade development within the context of a global economy. 


The two main aims of the Association are:

  • To liaise as a collective entity with various Government agencies that play a pivotal role within the International Trade environment

  • To participate and contribute to the various stakeholder engagements and to promote and highlight the critical role that technology plays within the International Supply Chain and Logistics environment.


The public stakeholder engagements with the South African Revenue Service (specifically Customs and Excise) as well as other government agencies that facilitate international trade is of particular importance to the Association and its members.


The Association further collaborates with various industry bodies that represent the international supply chain and logistical participants to ensure that a harmonized approach is created and maintained and that the pivotal role that technology plays in support of these activities are highlighted.


The Association further promotes and supports the use of innovative technology to address and remove the barriers to international trade to allow trade to move freely and effectively across the globe thereby ensuring a healthy and prosperous South Africa.



The members comprise of South African organisations which provide
technology solutions in the International Supply Chain space.



The Technical Service Providers Association of South Africa has strategic relationships with other associations that form partof the end-to-end International supply chain process.


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